Junior  Curators  

Online Program
Year Level
Year 4 - 6

If you were a curator at the Western Australian Museum, what would your favourite objects be? What stories would you tell?

Junior Curators invites you to choose an item from the Museum’s collection, research it, and create a stop-motion animation about your findings. We’re uploading a new collection item every week, so get ready to discover and learn.

Your task is to:

  1. Choose a collection item from our digital gallery that you would like to learn more about.
  2. Research your item using reliable resources like our website.
  3. Make a stop-motion animation to present your findings.

Feel free to think outside the box! Focus on the whole object or talk about a single detail. Show how your object relates to a bigger topic or contains many stories in itself. It’s up to you!

We will feature select animations on our website!

Helpful hints

There are lots of important things to consider as a curator. Here are some helpful tips

  • Tell a story. It’s the stories behind objects that help us feel connected to them. Think about quirky details and weird facts. Just make sure your content is accurate!
  • Be creative. Curators tell stories in all sorts of interesting ways.
  • Engage with debate. Challenge yourself by asking questions instead of just trying to find answers.
  • Have fun!
Child playing with plants and seeds

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