This is Mexico



Presented in partnership with Friends of Mexico in WA, an organisation that celebrates Mexican culture and heritage in innovative ways. 

Session 1 | 7 May: 10 Interesting Facts about Mexico, Presented by Cesar Ortega
Session 2 | 25 June: A brief history of the Mayans, Presented by Ernesto Martinez
Session 3 | 27 August: Mexico's contributions to the world, Presented by Simon O'Connor
Session 4 | 30 October: Mexican Day of the Dead, Presented by Eugenia Schettino

All events include a performance by Ixtzul, FOMEX’s Mexican folkloric dance troupe that presents the audience with a little taste of what Mexico has to offer.

Organiser: Friends of Mexico in WA
Location:  Stan Perron WA Treasures exhibition, Hackett Hall