Drop & Leave School Holiday Program Terms & Conditions

Ticketing terms and conditions apply to all Western Australian Museum tickets.

The following specific terms & conditions apply to all Drop & Leave School Holiday Programs at WA Museum Boola Bardip and will need to be agreed to to give permission for your child to participate and prior to dropping off your child. 

Participants must wear closed-in shoes and bring weather-appropriate clothing and accessories. Participants should bring food for the day and a refillable drink bottle. Nuts and/or nut products should not be included in participant lunchboxes.
Refrigeration or cooking/heating equipment is not available.

Participants must be signed in and out of any workshop by a parent/guardian. Emergency contact details need to be provided at drop off along with any medical, special needs and access information. 

Drop and leave programs are designed to cater for children 7 years and over. Children under this age are not permitted to be dropped off at this program and therefore cannot participate.  

If a participant’s behaviour puts themselves or others at risk, or they are unable to complete the program for any reason, the  emergency contact will be contacted and required to collect the participant in a timely manner.

Participants may enter areas or come into contact with surfaces that may have been exposed to nuts, nut products, fur or other potential allergens. 

In an emergency medical treatment may be obtained for participants.  

At drop off participants will be given the option to consent to photography, filming and digital media permissions. If consent is given, permission is granted for pictures and film of the participant to be freely used by the Western Australian Museum for promotional purposes including on its website, social media pages, marketing, publicity, advertising or educational material as well as use by media outlets including television, print, press, online media and social media. 

By agreement to these terms and conditions, the Western Australian Museum, the State of Western Australia and their employees or agents, is indemnified and released from and against all actions, suits, claims and demands (including costs) for personal injury or property damage that may be suffered or incurred as a result of participation in the designated activity. 

By dropping off your child and completing the Drop & Leave Program Registration Form you hereby give permission for your child to participate in the selected activity led by the WA Museum, agree to the above terms and conditions and below statements: 

I indemnify and release the WA Museum Boola Bardip against all actions, suits, claims and demands (including costs) for personal injury or property damage suffered by my child while participating in the program. 

I understand that an authorised adult must return to the WA Museum Boola Bardip to attend to and/or collect my child should I be requested to do so by Museum staff. 

I consent to medical treatment being obtained for my child in an emergency.