Krakatoa: Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets


Saturday 4 May | 5.30pm - 6.30pm


Adult | $45 + booking fee
Concession | $35 + booking fee


Batavia Gallery

Be taken on a musical journey with Rupert Guenther exploring effects of the eruption of Krakatoa.

Krakatoa - Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets is based on the events of the physical shockwaves embracing the eruption, and the complete explosion of the entire island of Krakatoa on 27th of August in 1883.

This new work features solo violin in 5 movements, musically describing the event and the energy of shockwaves, volcanic ash and tsunami it sent out into the oceans and nearby lands. 

For several years afterwards, the world saw red sunsets from the volcanic ash in the atmosphere. These sunsets have been recorded in paintings by famous painters such as William Ascroft in England and Edvard Munch in Norway. 

The sonata as much as with the science of seismology, vulnology and the stories of ships and seafarers concludes with a deep connection to art. Humanity often turns to art for sanctuary to restore themselves. 

The entire work is a set of extended improvisations for solo violin.

About Rupert Guenther 

Rupert Guenther is a Perth-based Vienna-trained violinist-composer. His output of works since 2002 has seen over 35 albums and thousands of concerts premiering new works entirely through improvisation, utilising tonal, free-tonal and soundscape modalities. He specialises in bespoke concerts of inspired new works and sonatas of his own breathtaking improvisations.

Every concert takes audiences on an immersive wellbeing journey as much as a musical one, presenting a new series of “spirit of place” works, inspired from human history, architecture, nature, and significant events through time, landscape, science, astronomy, philosophy, paintings, poetry, geology, anthropology, ancient artifacts, the night skies, mystical knowledge and personal stories.