Ancient Greeks: Special Events

Want more Ancient Greeks? Celebrate our latest special exhibition with a range of lectures, workshops, tours and more.

Wednesdays & Sundays | 1pm – 2pm

Learn more about this captivating exhibition and the role competition played in Ancient Greece

Competition in Ancient Greece wasn't just limited to the war and athletics - in fact, many vicious competitions were subtly held with sideways looks, jewelry, and fine fabrics.

Wednesday 29 September 2021 | 10am - 4pm

Ready to be an archaeologist for the day?

Join us in a huge celebration of our exhibition Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes, as the Museum City Room is transformed into an Agora of making, music and merriment.

Grab some charcoal and pull up an easel, because you’ve been commissioned to create a portrait of two of the vainest characters from Greek Mythology.