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Join us online direct from your classroom for a series of Virtual Labs. Discover the upcoming facilitated online programs below and book your space or check out some of our previous virtual labs delivered by scientists and researchers.

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The Museum’s palaeontology collection has over 1,500,000 specimens. Go behind-the-scenes with Dr. Mikael Siversson to learn how these specimens help us understand the history of living things in Western Australian. Mikael will also discuss his own work researching shark fossils found in WA.
In this lab, we’re diving into the unknown! Learn how scientists use technology to record unknown species from the deep ocean.  Dr. Lisa Kirkendale and Dr. Nerida Wilson are two of the WA Museum’s experts in aquatic zoology. Together they will talk about their field work exploring the Ningaloo Canyons on the Falknor deep sea expedition.