A day in the life of a palaeontologist with Helen Ryan

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Year 4-12

What does a palaeontologist actually do? What is the best part of their job and what sort of things do you need to know to become one? 

Helen Ryan, technical officer of palaeontology at WA Museum, lets you in on some of the things she gets up to in her varied role as a palaeontoligist at WA Museum.

Hear about her fieldwork and what sort of things happen on a palaentological dig, what kinds of fossils you can find and how they're brought back to the museum. See some of Helen's favourite fossils from the collection and see how she uses her killer jigsaw skills to piece together fossils and evidence of the past. 

A mid-shot of Helen Ryan who wears khaki work clothes and a wide-brimmed hat and sits in a rocky outdoor landscape

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