Analysing the evidence: Impacts on urban wildlife



Monday - Friday | 10am & 12.30pm

Available from Term 1, 2022

Year Level
Year 6
90 Minutes

$240 per group (up to 32 students)

Our urban environments are constantly undergoing physical change, making conditions for local wild life somewhat unpredictable.

This workshop explores some of these changes and their impacts, both positive and negative for local wild life who also happen to call these spaces home. 

Students will experience

Students will explore questions

  • Does the physical environment affect the survival of living things?
  • Who might benefit and why?

Working in small groups investigating

  • How the physical environment has changed over time 
  • The impacts these changes can have on local wildlife
  • Whether there are winners and losers. 
  • Real world solutions to help redress some of these changes.

Skills Development 

This program links to the following strands of the Western Australian Curriculum:

Year 6 Science 

  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by physical conditions of their environment (ACSU094)
  • Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence t develop explanations of events and phenomena and reflects historical and cultural contributions (ACSHE098)
  • Scientific knowledge is used to solve problems and inform personal and community decisions (ACSHE100)