Creative entrepreneurs



Weekdays during school term | 10am and 12.30pm

Humanities and Social Sciences
Critical and creative thinking
Design and technologies
Year Level
Year 7 – 10
90 Minutes

$280 per group (up to 32 students)

Through a range of dynamic activities, students will explore how entrepreneurs take their passions and turn them into successful businesses.

Using case studies of Western Australian entrepreneurs, this program will unpack the journey of success and identify skills and assets that enabled their business to thrive.

Working as a team, students will then develop their own idea into a business opportunity.

Student experience

Students will 

  • Explore examples of entrepreneurship in the Rio Tinto Gallery Innovations and explore concepts of problem-solution fit, proof of market and scalability.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial elevator pitch
  • Further their ideas by following outlines such as value proposition charts  
  • Present their ideas and ‘invest’ in other student ideas.

Program feedback

Students were engaged. Great atmosphere created by facilitator. Delivery was excellent. Subject related to everyday life and meaningful exhibits in the museum tied in extremely well with the session.

Skills development

This program links to the following strands of the Western Australian Curriculum:

Year 7

Design and Technologies

  • Investigating and defining: Consider components/resources to develop solutions, identifying constraints (WATPPS40)

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Producing and consuming: Characteristics of entrepreneurs, including the behaviours and skills they bring to their businesses (e.g. establishing a shared vision; and demonstrating initiative, innovation and enterprise (ACHEK019)
  • Producing and consuming: How consumers rely on businesses to meet their needs and wants (ACHEK017)

Year 8

Design and Technologies

  • Technologies and society: Development of products, services and environments through the creativityinnovation and enterprise of individuals and groups (ACTDEK030)
  • Investigating and defining: Consider components/resources to develop solutions, identifying constraints (WATPPS48)

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Participation and influences in the marketplace: Influences on the ways people work (e.g. technological change, outsourced labour in the global economy, rapid communication changes and factors that might affect work in the future) (ACHEK031)

Year 9

Design and Technologies

  • Designing: Apply design thinkingcreativity and enterprise skills (WATPPS56)
  • Technologies and society: Development of products, services and environments, with consideration of economic, environmental and social sustainability (ACTDEK041)

Humanities and Social Sciences

Year 10

Design and Technologies