Debating Ancient History: Egypt



Tuesdays and Thursdays | 10am & 12.30pm
Monday 10 June – Friday 22 September
Duration: 90 minutes

Year Level
Year 7
90 Minutes

Exhibition Entry | $12.50 per student. Adults complimentary at a ratio of 1 adult to 6 students
Facilitated Workshop | $200 per class of up to 32 students


In this hands-on workshop, students unpack multiple perspectives on Egypt's ancient history, visiting the temporary exhibition to piece together elements of the past.

Students learn about archaeologists and their role in excavation and uncovering ancient history,  while considering ethical concerns associated with the treatment, display and interpretation of collections within the context of Ancient Egypt.

This facilitated program visits the Discovering Ancient Egypt exhibition (see costs above). The student exhibition entry ticket allows re-entry for the entire day. 

Student experience

Students will

  • Identify the role of an archaeologist in finding out about Egypt’s ancient past.
  • Visit the temporary exhibition.
  • Use inquiry-based learning to better understand professional investigation techniques.
  • Encounter challenging questions and interrogate issues around collecting cultural artefacts and human remains.

Skills Development

This program links to the following strands of the Western Australian Curriculum:

Depth study 1: Investigating the ancient past

  • How historians and archaeologists investigate history, including excavation and archival research (ACDSEH001).
  • The range of sources that can be used in an historical investigation, including archaeological and written sources (ACDSEH029).

Depth study 2: Investigating one ancient society (Egypt)