Exploring STEM and sustainability in teaching



Thursday 25 January 2024 | 9.30am – 12.30pm

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180 Minutes

Exploring ways to empower educators in STEM education and sustainability through inquiry-based and hands-on learning.

We often hear educators say that they feel lacking in their own personal knowledge and understanding of an issue or content area. In response, we have developed this practical and hands on PL with a view to up-skilling you so that you feel more confident in providing a meaningful STEM education for your students. 

Please note that this program is best suited for primary school teachers.

During this PL we will: 

  • Remind ourselves of the bigger picture context and the role of critical thinking in achieving both educational and environmental outcomes.
  • Explore STEM and sustainability and how they are integrated into Boola Bardip's education programs.
  • Roll up our sleeves and undertake hands-on activities to highlight the impacts of issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable practice.
  • Dabble in some robotics programming.
  • Spend time in the galleries highlighting sustainability stories from a Western science and Indigenous perspective. 

Program Feedback

“I would recommend this STEM and Sustainability program to others because of the awareness that it creates on a global and local scale for both adults and students.”

“It was very engaging the whole morning! I enjoyed the ‘big picture’ explanations and experiments.”

“It helped to expand our daily thinking of our environment & what we do is worthwhile. Excellent for adult education to expand our own knowledge."

“Love the interconnected nature of how curriculum areas can be tackled with an environmental STEM lens.”

Participation in Professional Learning will meet standards 2.4, 3.4 and 6.2 of the Professional Standards outlined by the Teacher Registration Board of WA.