Meet the Museum



Are you curious to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum? This Members-only monthly program delves into the less visible part of the Museum’s work, as our scientists, researchers, historians and curators share their expertise and passions. 

Did you know that there are nearly 300 animals in the Sponge Garden displayed in the Wild Life Gallery? Come meet their maker and create your own sponge garden to take home!
Come and delve into the world of these amazing and vitally important creatures. Like some species of scorpions, you may find it illuminating!
Eighty years ago, on 19 November 1942, Australia’s most tragic naval disaster took place during a World War II encounter between HMAS Sydney (II) and the German raider HSK Kormoran. The location of their wrecks remained a mystery for decades…but not any more!