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Old Goal Exhibition space

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Walk down a city or suburban street, and you are surrounded by buildings from the past and present — structures that speak to a place's history, identity and culture.

Great cities of the world are defined by their architecture. It has been said that we shape our buildings, and then they shape us. But what about the buildings that are not realised? Had they been built, how would they have shaped the identity of our City?

Architectural practice is at the mercy of larger societal forces, and for every building constructed, there will be several designs that are not. Creative incompletion is a core part of architectural practice, and every architect has unrealised passion projects.

Perth Unbuilt is an exhibition that showcases a selection of unrealised designs created by prominent Perth architecture studios. Explore architectural drawings, renders and fly-throughs of these buildings, and hear from some of WA's most prominent architects as they discuss the projects that remain unbuilt.

Image credit: Hassell

Perth Unbuilt is part of Perth Design Week.