Wild About Drawing

To celebrate the arrival of Wild About Babies, WA Museum, Perth Zoo, and Perth Cultural Centre invited children aged between 3 – 13 years-old to draw a picture of an endangered animal and respond to the question ‘why should we care about this species?’ for a chance to become a part of the exhibition (and of course, win a prize pack!).

Some of these drawings are featured throughout Perth Cultural Centre until the beginning of September, with others being on display on screens in Boola Bardip’s Wild Life gallery.

Explore what the children of WA decided to draw and their thoughts on what we need to do to look after these animals.

Meet our winners!

Reeves M. | Age 9 | Numbat
"We have to care for the different kinds of life that are part of our ecosystem. And also, they are really cute."

Sam S. | Age 4 | Marine Iguana
"Are those dinosaurs swimming? I like the spike bits, sharp claws and the grumpy faces."

Scout R. | Age 10 | Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
"We should care about the black cockatoos because mining and logging are making it hard for them to survive in the wild, which results in no food and no home. Due to the loss of trees, in the next few decades they may become extinct."

Olivia S. | Age 12 | Black Rhino
"They are a vital part of the ecosystem for Africa and a magnificent sight for the future generations."

Xiaxi (Ruby) Li | Age 6 | Whale Shark
"Did you know that whale sharks are gentle filter-feeding animals and they are harmless to humans? We should learn more about these beautiful creatures and take action to protect them."

African Elephant

Madi G. | Age 11

"Animals maintain the health of an ecosystem. When an animal becomes endangered, it's a sign the ecosystem is out of balance."

African Elephant

Timothy T. | Age 4

"They are really heavy and they might die and we don't want them to."

Arctic Fox

Miles | Age 11

"We should care about this endangered species as they are all parts of the ecosystem."

Australian Sea Lion

Ruby C. | Age 12

"They are at risk of getting hurt or killed due to fisheries and marine litter. It is estimated there are only 6,500 left in the wild! :( "

Bengal Tiger

Emma H. | Age 11

"There are only a few left and once they are all gone we will never see these amazing animals again."

Bengal Tiger

Katie | Age 12

"There's only a small amount of these magnificent creatures and after they're gone we'll never see them again."

Bengal Tiger

Buddy W. | Age 6

"Because people hunt them and a lot of Bengal tigers have lost their homes."


Alexis S. | Age 11

"The bilby is an iconic endangered marsupial and we should care about them because they are important in restoring soil and rejuvenating the vegetation in Australia."

Black Rhino

Olivia S. | Age 12

"A vital part of the ecosystem for Africa and a magnificent sight for future generations."

Blue Whale

Isaac S. | Age 7

"It's the biggest animal and it's endangered."

Carnaby Black Cockatoo

Audrey H. | Age 5

"They don't have enough food and water, and we love them."

Carnaby Black Cockatoo

Kasjana MS. | Age 11

"I think we are very lucky to have beautiful things in the world and we should do our best to make sure they are always here."


Eloise S. | Age 11

"It is sad to know we will never see it again and it's one of the fastest animals."


Mia | Age 10

"We need to care about this creature because it is beautiful and special."


Matthew T. | Age 7

"Because people hunt for it."

Eastern Ground Parrot

Daniel C. | Age 12

"They form the base of the food chain. If they were to go extinct, it may lead to a chain reaction leading to an 'unhealthy' ecosystem."

Eastern Quoll

Chloe W. | Age 11

"It's a natural predator. It eats carrion, recycling the waste other animals won't eat."


Eleanor C. | Age 7

"They are killing them for no reason."

Elephant (Asian)

Helena R. | Age 7

"People used to hunt it for its tusks and we should stop cutting down its habitat. We should keep them alive as you shouldn't hurt living things."

Fin Whale

Oliver N. | Age 8

"So future versions of us can see and experience these beautiful animals."