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Phone: (08) 9431 8393

Excursion Management Plan

Download the Museum of Geraldton Management Plan and Certificate of Currency 2023/24 [PDF 265 KB]

Adult supervision

We recommend the following ratios with a minimum of two supervisors per school group:

  • Years K–6, 1 adult per 6 students
  • Years 7–12, 1 adult per 10 students
  • Tertiary, minimum 1 supervisor per group

The responsibility of children remains with the teaching staff from the visiting school or educational organisation. Please ensure that your adult supervisor is aware of their role in regards to the behaviour and safety of your students.


Transport remains the responsibility of the visiting school. A bus bay is available on Foreshore Drive next to the Museum.

Certificate of Currency

Can be found with the Excursion Management Plan – see above.



About the Museum

The Museum of Geraldton houses exhibitions relating to the indigenous, natural, maritime and social history of the Mid West region of Western Australia. The site also regularly hosts temporary travelling exhibitions.

Visit Exhibitions, our Research Areas and Online Exhibitions for more information and to view our range of resources.

Museum environment and location

See Plan a visit for more information about the Museum's location and accessibility.
Address: Museum Place, Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton