Public Talk: Diprotodons of the West


Wednesday 10 July | 5.30pm - 6.30pm

adults, family friendly

Free | Bookings required


This talk is suitable for those aged 12+ 


East Gallery

Uncover prehistoric times and hear how fossil sites are investigated. 

In this captivating talk, Helen Ryan, technical officer of palaeontology at WA Museum lets you in on some of the things she gets up to in her varied role as a palaeontoligist at the WA Museum.

Step behind the scenes as we delve into field trips made to many WA localities collecting fossils, what happens to them and how the mysteries of Western Australia’s ancient history reveal themselves through these finds. 

Over the last couple of years, Helen has been part of the teams who travelled to the Pilbara to recover several diprotodon skeletons from a river bed. The site is known as a bone bed – where many animals have been buried in the same place. By surveying the area and carefully collecting the remains, many things about where and how the animals died can be discovered. 

Join the journey of discovery as the how, when, and why of this unique fossil site is investigated, and what answers have been revealed so far.