School holidays

Join us at Museum of the Goldfields to take part in our school holiday activities! There’s always something new to learn. We have a heap of fun filled activities, where you can express your creativity, learn and explore. We've got something for everyone!

24 September - 9 October | 10am - 3pm 

Goldfields Toy Library collection brings you car activities, puzzles and books.

24 September - 9 October | 10am - 3pm 

Find 11 pictures around the Museum and cross off the list as found. Take paperwork back to staff for a prize.

24 September - 9 October | 10am - 12.30pm 

Try your hand at puzzles, and activities and even have some quiet time in our book corner.

Instead of throwing your bike away, bring it along to our school holiday workshop and learn how to fix it.
Build a vehicle and learn how to power it using alternative mechanics.
Join Ashley's workshop to as you enjoy the fun and creativeness of being a part of a group as you learn new skills and share ideas.
Bring your blankets and telescope to the Museum and discover the wonders of the night sky!