Discovery Centre: Pirates - Skull Island


Saturday 29 June -  Sunday 14 July 2024 | 10am - 4pm
Drop-in activities

All ages

Free - $10


All ages


Discovery Centre
Residency Building

Join us these school holidays as The Discovery Centre transforms into Skull Island.

When pirates weren’t roaming the seven seas plundering ships for treasure, they were held up in pirate lairs. Learn more about the pirate’s way at the Discovery Centre. Find out why pirates wore an earring and were there really female pirates?

Dress up in pirate costume, try your hand at tying knots or chart your way around the Museum to uncover clues to treasure and enter the draw for a special prize.

For the best value, sign up for our Pirate’s Charter to give you access to a treasure load of high seas activities.

School holidays activities

Pirates Charter | $10

Best value - save 23%! 
Sign up for a bucket load of pirate fun! Includes all paid activities: Stained Glass Beauties, Painted Pirates, Buried Treasure and Treasure Box.

X Marks the Spot | Free

Can you crack the clues to our treasure map? Collect a map, then navigate your way around the Museum Residency Building, finding the answers to clues! When you solve all the clues, return your completed treasure map to the Discovery Centre and go into the draw to win a prize!

Pirate Treasure | $4

Pirates like to bury their treasure. Using maritime images and dazzling glitter, design and create your own personalised embellished piece, this is one treasure box you won’t want to hide!

Stained Glass Beauties | $3 

Make your own beautiful version of a stained glass window to take home! Choose from a skull and crossbones design, a galleon in full sail or a scarlet macaw. What stained glass design will you choose?

Painterly Pirates | $2 - $4

Skull island is a pirate haven. It’s where pirates go to rest and have fun with some pirates take up painting as a hobby. Pick a plaster to turn into a pirate painterly masterpiece.

Buried Treasure | $3

Pirates raided many ships loaded with sought after treasure. Pirate booty took the form of gold, silver, medallions, coins, and precious jewels. We’ve discovered a load of encrusted coins at the Museum and need young pirates like you to help us dig out and discover what lies inside to take home. 

Participants aged 12 and under must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian.
Please note, all required materials are provided.