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Have you ever wanted to contribute your skills, life experience, diverse background, and interests to a broader purpose, working in an inclusive and stimulating environment?

Here at the Museum of the Great Southern, we welcome volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities who would enjoy being part of a team that’s at the heart of the community. Our volunteers love to interact with community in meaningful ways, with a focus on sharing knowledge and making the Museum a welcoming place for everyone.

A mid-shot of a young person wearing a navy polo shirt with the words 'Brig Amity' on it smiles at the camera as they hold the steering wheel of the Brig Amity. Behind them, a clear blue sky and the sprawling coastline of Albany is visible

What does being a Brig Amity volunteer involve?

As a volunteer on the Brig Amity replica, you will have received specific on-board training and an induction to the Museum of the Great Southern. You will develop a deeper knowledge of our site, receive free entry to our special exhibitions, as well as assisting in day to day customer service of our visitors.

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An older man in a dark blue jacket and jeans, and a hat that reads 'Brig Amity' stands on an old sailing vessel and smiles as he holds onto a large white rope. Behind him is a bright blue sky and the sprawling coast of Albany

“Being a volunteer is rewarding. Working with lovely similar minded people and meeting a huge number of fascinating people from all over the world is satisfying.”

Ed, Museum of the Great Southern volunteer

“Volunteering on the Brig is a terrific way to meet people from around Australia and the world. The story of the original Amity and our own replica gives a tantalising insight into our local history.”

Paul, Museum of the Great Southern volunteer

“Being an ex sailor, I love the atmosphere surrounding the vessel. You never know who’s walking up the gangway!”

John, Museum of the Great Southern volunteer



What information do I need to provide to become a volunteer?

Each volunteer must submit an electronic application for a National Volunteer Police Clearance, which requires 100 points of ID.

When are the Brig Amity shifts?

The Museum of the Great Southern operates almost every day of the year and the Brig Amity is open daily from 9.30am to 4pm.

We have two shifts per day: 9.30am – 12.45pm and 12.45 pm – 4pm.

What does volunteering on the Brig Amity involve?

Our volunteers welcome local, interstate and overseas visitors and enjoy passing on historical information and stories about the Brig Amity, while introducing them to the broader Museum site.

While you’re based above deck in the ship’s Galley for your shift, there are times when you will walk through below decks areas and move around the top deck to interact with visitors.

Brig Amity includes self-guided tours, so your role will be to welcome visitors, set them on their way and answer or pass on any questions they may have.

Each volunteer receives a travel reimbursement for each shift they undertake, which is paid monthly into their bank account.

Can I use my volunteer hours towards my mutual obligation with Centrelink?

Yes, the Western Australian Museum is an authorised volunteer provider, and we can verify your volunteer hours for Centrelink.

Please call us on 9841 4844, drop into the Museum of the Great Southern or contact us via email at greatsouthern@museum.wa.gov.au if you are keen to hear more about this opportunity.

A volunteer with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a black Volunteer shirt and lanyard smiles while handing a blue pamphlet about the Brig Amity vessel to an older man and a young boy.

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If this sounds like you, we look forward to hearing from you during our new volunteer recruitment intake.

We hope to see you soon. 

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