Lustre: Pearling & Australia


23 August to 26 September 2021

Monday to Friday | 9.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday & Sunday | 10am – 2pm


Free exhibition


The University of Notre Dame Australia
88 Guy Street, Broome

Jaliny yangarranyan gurryirr burungan guwanji
Welcome to the country of the pearl shell

A red sunlit cliff rising up out of reflective blue water


Lustre: Pearling & Australia delves into the gritty human story of pearling, weaving together intersecting strands of Aboriginal, Asian and European histories to reveal insights into one of Australia's oldest industries.


Detail view of ‘Lacepede Patches’ riji (engraved pearlshell) by Galiwa Aubrey Tigan, depicting the pearlshell beds or ‘patches’ of the Lacepede Islands


Explore the Lustre exhibition panels and discover the intriguing stories behind northern Australia's unique pearling tradition.

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With thanks to Peter and Sharon Ellies

Images: Strickland Bay, country where Aalingoong (rainbow serpent) shed his scales as pearlshell; Lacepedes riji, courtesy Aubrey Tigan Galiwa (dec), Mayala elder.