Davina and Dave's Deep Dive Discovery


Saturday 23 March - Sunday 28 July | 9.30am - 5pm

All ages

Free | Drop-in Activity 
Included with General Admission 

Get ready for a deep sea adventure! 

Join Davina and Dave, our LEGO® minifig diving explorers, on this self-guided trail as they dive from the surface of the ocean, down to almost 11km into deep-sea trenches. 

Along the way, you will discover the weird and wonderful adaptations that animals have, to help them survive the dark, cold, crushing pressures of the deep sea. 

Learn about the equipment and machines that humans have used to travel to the furthest points on the sea floor and discover which amazing animals hold the records for diving, feeding and living the deepest. 

Don't forget to keep a lookout for Davina, Dave and all their adventurous friends as they journey into 'The Abyss'. 

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