The World of 70%


WA Maritime Museum
Victoria Quay Road, Fremantle



This exhibition has now finished. Please visit Exhibitions to see what’s on at the Museum.

Saturday 13 May 2023 – Sunday 22 October 2023


Free exhibition with Museum entry | Balcony Gallery

This exhibition has now finished. Please visit Exhibitions to see what’s on at the Museum.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring realm of The World of 70% as you experience the captivating photography and videography art exhibition by Michael Haluwana.

Discover the beauty that encompasses the majority of our planet's surface - water.

The Earth's oceans not only provide sustenance, regulate climate, and produce the oxygen we breathe, but also house a rich diversity of marine life. Embrace the thrill of exploration and join award-winning photographer and cinematographer Michael Haluwana as he unveils the enchanting underwater world through his artistic lens.

This mesmerizing collection showcases breathtaking photography and videography of oceans, seascapes, and marine life from Western Australia and beyond. Dive into the wonder of expanded perspectives on our place within a world dominated by water.

Michael Haluwana, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning cinematographer, photographer, and videographer, specializes in aerial and drone photography and video, documentaries, landscape visuals, and night sky and wildlife cinematography. His exceptional work has earned recognition and awards from prestigious organizations such as National Geographic, BBC, Sony, and Canon. Michael has collaborated with esteemed professionals on iconic projects in Australia and abroad, including Sir David Attenborough for BBC's Planet Earth II and the WA Boola Bardip Museum, where some of his work is showcased. 

Michael is the Director of Aeroture
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This exhibition is proudly supported by Minderoo Foundation.

Minderoo Foundation is a modern philanthropic organisation. We take on tough, persistent issues with the potential to drive massive change. One of the Foundation’s key initiatives is Flourishing Oceans, a program that aims to protect and restore the world’s ocean to a thriving state for future generations through a range of conservation and sustainability efforts.

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Image: Michael Haluwana