The Pearler’s Hotel




7 October 2022

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27 October 2022

Prostitution thrived in Fremantle in the 1890s. Brothels were located close to the harbour and drinking establishments, particularly in Pakenham and Leake Streets.

In 1891 and 1893, the proprietor of the Pearler’s Hotel (later the Terminus) in Pakenham Street was prosecuted ‘for permitting reputed prostitutes to remain on his licensed premises’. The hotel is now closed, but note its proximity to the port - once the busiest place in town with the largest workforce.

A new bar inside the Terminus Hotel, 1929.
A new bar inside the Terminus Hotel, 1929.
Courtesy State Library of Western Australia, 0009241D
Top image: The Terminus Hotel, previously the Pearler’s Hotel.
Courtesy S Anstey


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