Biomarkers' Role in Mass Extinctions


Thursday 16 November | 5pm - 6pm 
4.45pm for a 5pm start


Standard | $10
Concession | $8
Junior | $8


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Meet Professor Kliti Grice, the West Australian Scientist of the Year 2022, as she embarks on a quest to decipher the Earth's past mysteries.

Through the lens of ancient molecular fossils, biomarkers, and stable isotopes, Kliti unveils the driving forces behind five pivotal mass extinctions, including the event that wiped out non-flying dinosaurs.

In this enlightening talk, we journey through Earth's historical transformations, from species evolution and adaptation to the essential role of microbes in preserving soft tissues within extraordinary fossils. Explore diverse fossil samples, including those from the Devonian Gogo Formation, Jurassic Posidonia shale, Eocene Green River Formation, and Carboniferous Mazon Creek.

This engaging scientific expedition welcomes audiences aged 12 and above, promising a fascinating discussion that deepens your understanding of our planet's remarkable past.

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