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Daily | 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm 
Monday 15 January – Sunday 11 February 


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This event has now finished. Please visit Tours & events to see what’s on at the Museum.

Take a virtual journey to the land of Aboriginal Elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan and the Martu peoples in the Western Australian desert.

Experience the remastered version of the award-winning VR by artist Lynette Wallworth that shares Nyarri’s first contact story witnessing the Maralinga test.

Collisions is a multi-award winning and thought-provoking VR experience that takes a virtual journey with Nyarri Nyarri Morgan to his Country in Central Western Australia where he shares his dramatic collision between his traditional worldview and the extremes of western science and technology. Nyarri Morgan's first contact with western culture came when he witnessed the Maralinga atomic test in the South Australian desert. Half a century later, a new technology allows him the chance to show how the world was ruptured that day.

Created in 2016 by artist Lynette Wallworth and at the invitation of Nyarri and Martu peoples, Walworth has sculpted an immersive experience that places you at its story’s epicentre. Set in the remote desert lands of the Martu people hear the songs of the oldest surviving culture and soar above the red desert in this newly remastered experience that screens as part of the extended exhibition program for Three Journeys.

Ngaa-nga jarkulparna kartinpa yulubidyi, Jarmukurnu Yaparlyikurnu mirda kujtu ngaryukuju parlparryikujanumpa, yuwa palya.

This story I carry is until the end, from our Grandfathers and Grandmothers; not just my story alone, for everyone, thank you.

Nyarri Nyarri Morgan

Collisions was developed through the inaugural Sundance New Frontier Jaunt VR Residency and commissioned to premiere at the World Economic Forum, Davos and then Sundance, awards include an Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches to Documentary in 2017.

Director: Lynette Wallworth
Producer: Nicole Newnham
Running time: 22 minutes
Australia (2016)

Before you book

Before booking, please read the VR Health and Safety notice.

The VR headset is not recommended for users 12 years and under. They are still welcome to attend a session and enjoy the film in 2D.

VR headsets are sanitised with UV light between use.

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