Dino Lab


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Join us as we celebrate the prehistoric world with a full day of free dino-mite activities under Otto the Blue whale.

Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, yet these incredible creatures spark children's and adults’ imagination and curiosity like no other. 

Make your own fossil to take home, draw and print your own pollen pores, learn to make comics and build a dino skeleton in a minecraft world. From virtual reality to live raptors, we have something for the whole family to enjoy.

Throughout the day, we will have a series of especially curated talks that you can listen to:

10.15am Prehistoric WA Museum, Daniel Schoknecht (WA Museum) 
11am From Dinos to Birds, WA Birds of Prey Centre
11.45am 1 Skink, 2 Skink, Big Skink, Blue Skink, Dr Kailah Thorn (University of Western Australia) 
12.30pm Fossicking for Fossils: Adventures in the Cretaceous marine outcrops of WA, Helen Ryan (WA Museum) 
1.15pm How meat-eating dinosaurs took over the world, Rhys Meyerkort
2pm Gogo fish and the lost fauna of Australia’s first Great Barrier Reef, Kate Trinajstic (Curtin University)

After you have checked out Hackett Hall, head over to Dinosaurs of Patagonia and walk with the largest dinosaurs to ever roam the Earth!


Dino World 

LibraryCraft is an award-winning free Minecraft Java server for 7 to 17 year old WA Minecrafters.

Head to the LibraryCraft booth to hear all about this awesome community and build your own dinosaur skeleton in our custom Dino World.



Ant in amber

Trapped in time

Scientists learn a lot from amber, a special material that can preserve animals and plants for millions of years.

Make your own amber fossil and take it home – a keepsake that will, literally, last forever.





Bone digger comics

Join the Perth Comic Arts team as you make your very own short comic that details an incredible palaeontological discovery!

You'll have to contend with dangerous dig sites, rascally rivals and wild weather as your character searches for the fossil that will make them famous.



Close up image of a fossilised leaf


Do you know what kind of plants existed in prehistoric times? Join doctor Daniel Peyrot from the University of Western Australia and find out! Draw and print your own pollen pores and see what herbivorous dinosaurs ate under the microscope.






Named after the amazing pterodactyl, the pteroplane is a special Dino Lab aircraft that comes alive in the air.

Do you have what it takes to compete with other flying reptiles? Join our paper plane making competition to find out!




Bird of prey

Live Raptors

Get up close and personal with dinosaurs' closest living relatives!

See the stage show about Australian raptors and then meet-and-greet with the feathered stars of WA Birds of Prey Centre.




A dinosaur footprint

Trace Fossils

Although most fossils are formed from the hard parts of an organism, some are indirect signs of prehistoric life – a worm's trail or a theropod footprint.

These are known as trace fossils. In this booth, visitors learn how to draw fossils and make them look like they really are imprinted in stone.



Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Centre

Exceptional Preservation of Fossils

Come and meet some of the scientists doing ground-breaking research by looking into our past.

Check out some unique and remarkably preserved fossils, then head to our special prehistoric dig and become a palaeontologist. Everything you find is yours to keep!



Open Brush VR.

Open Brush VR

Dino Lab invites you to unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes.

This special VR experience allows visitors to create one of the most beautiful creatures to have first appeared during the Cretaceous period – the butterfly.




ARK Survival Evolved

In this action-adventure survival game, players are challenged to survive on a mysterious island where they need to gather resources, craft tools, build shelters and capture and tame dinosaurs.

Please note: This game is classified as mature accompanied (MA 15+)




Dino Photo Booth

If you’re a fan of social media, our photo booth and special props will keep you entertained.

From palaeontologists’ hats to dino jokes, we’ll have something for the whole family.



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