Discover China — Culture and Craft Workshops

Sunday 7 March 2021 | 10.30am - 12.30pm
Sunday 2 May 2021 | 10.30am - 12.30pm


Presented by

Confucius Institute at UWA

Presented in partnership with the Confucius Institute at UWA, an organisation that focuses on teaching Chinese language and providing cultural training, working across community, education and business to increase understanding and recognise the value of multiculturalism.

This program includes calligraphy, tea appreciation, paper cutting and guzheng. Each activity lasts for 30 minutes. Participants can join every half hour and stay for one or more sessions. Suitable for all ages and abilities – families are welcome! 

Calligraphy:  Known as shūfǎ 书法 (“the way of writing”), this ancient art uses brush and ink to render Chinese writing with beauty and meaning. Enter a calm, creative world as we show you how to use brush and ink to write basic Chinese characters. 

Tea appreciation: For thousands of years, chāyì 茶艺 (the art of tea) has been a cornerstone of Chinese society. We invite you to be our guest in this age-old ceremony. Savour the moment and learn about the seven types of tea, the way tea is grown and picked, and the etiquette of serving and drinking it. 

Paper cutting: Paper was invented in China in the 2nd century BCE, but historians think that even before then people may have used thin material such as leaves and silk to cut materials into beautiful decorative shapes and patterns. Learn how to transform simple sheets of paper into creations designed to express happiness and festivity through the unique folk-art form known as jiǎnzhǐ 剪纸 (“paper cutting”).

Guzheng: The gǔzhēng 古筝 is a beautiful wooden instrument with a history dating back more than 2500 years. Award-winning professional guzheng player Ms Xueyan Chen is a former soloist at the Chinese National Orchestra of Chongqing and guest soloist at China's National Centre for the Performing Arts of China. We feel privileged to invite you to join Ms Chen as she tells you the story of the instrument she loves most and the music it creates, featuring an exquisite performance in an intimate setting.

This workshop is part of a series happening on the first Sunday of every month (excluding school holidays).

Organiser: Confucius Institute at UWA []
Location: Learning Studios