Fifty shades of cray: the secret life of crustacea

Wednesday 10 March 2021 | 1pm - 1.30pm


Join WA Museum Curator of Crustacea and Worms, Andrew Hosie, as he provides an insight into the fascinating world of crustacean reproduction.

Every organism is subject to the biological imperative of survival and perpetuation of their species but finding a mate in the sea can be a tricky and dangerous business!

This presentation will explore the world of crustacean reproduction from lifecycles, eggs and larvae to courtship, fending off potential rivals and ensuring that their progeny survives to populate the next generation. 

Andrew Hosie 

Andrew is the Curator of the Crustacea and Worms Section. His research interests are in all things crustacean but with a focus on those found living in symbiosis with other animals.

Location: Learning Studios

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