No safe harbour: raising awareness of trafficking


Thursday 8 December | 6.30pm – 9pm



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What can be done in our community to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities and risk factors of human trafficking?

Human trafficking is one of the most challenging and relevant problems in modern times.  People are trafficked worldwide regardless of race, gender or age. They are exploited for sexual services, forced servitude, labour or marriage, debt bonding and organ harvesting.  

Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and has been classified as a crime against humanity. Highly organised criminal networks of perpetrators traffic people globally and it is hard to scope the extent of human trafficking because it is not highly visible. 

Join our panel of experts as they discuss what can be done in our community to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities and risk factors of human trafficking that violate so many rights; the right to freedom, autonomy, human dignity to be free of exploitation, abuse and slavery.

 In Conversation: Human Rights

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In Conversation is a monthly series of thought-provoking topics exploring big questions, ideas and human narratives. Curated in collaboration with The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance (MFT), this series brings human rights stories to the foreground.

The eight-part discussion explores a range of contemporary human rights issues through stories of resilience and action, shining a spotlight on overcoming prejudices in the face of persistent challenges and slow progress. It asks the question, how do human rights affect us in our daily lives, and how can we better acknowledge our responsibilities in balancing any given right with the rights of others?

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