Sensory Backpacks


Available for hire | Daily


Included in General Admission

Limited backpacks available upon arrival

Visiting WA Museum Boola Bardip is an exciting experience for children and families.

However, with new faces, activities and differing lights and sounds it can also be overwhelming or stressful for some. 

WA Museum Boola Bardip offers Sensory Backpacks, a specially designed treasure trove of tools to both calm and stimulate a child's sensory system. 

Available upon arrival at the Museum, you can loan a backpack free of charge to help support you and your child in making the most of your visit. Each backpack will include a number of resources for self-regulation, tactile input, attention focusing and body awareness support. 

Backpacks include: 

  • Visual supports stories and sensory maps - support your child to be in control of their visit by making a visual plan of your time at the Museum. Materials can be accessed in advance here
  • Sand timer - give a visual aid to help your child manage time
  • Ear defenders - provide a way for your child to tune out unwanted sounds
  • Fidget toys -  engage tactile, visual and auditory senses
  • Magnifying glass - engage with objects and galleries in a different way
  • Binoculars - focus on further away exhibits 
  • Torch - light up darker spaces in galleries

Upon arrival, simply ask about our Sensory Backpacks at the front desk and our team can loan you a backpack for the duration of your visit. 

Please return backpacks to the front desk prior to departure.
Backpacks are available on a first come first serve basis.