Prehistoric Arts & Craft


24 September – 9 October  | 10am – 4pm 


Free - $4


Suitable for all ages 

Discover amazing animal adaptations, and peculiar lifecycles, and marvel at the scale and variety of animals past and present.  

Fascinating fossils from the Museum’s collection sit side by side with children’s activities in the Discovery Centre. Construct a dinosaur mask, measure yourself against the leg of a T-Rex or reconstruct a mystery animal from a bag of bones. Try your hand at revealing buried fossils or extracting DNA from a strawberry.

Lots of immersive, hands-on fun at the Museum of the Great Southern these September/October school holidays.  

Dino Masks
Create your own dinosaur mask. Will you choose a terrific Triceratops or a deadly Deinonychus?  

Prehistoric Plasters
Use your creative flair to paint a Trilobite, T-Rex, or Raptor claw. Fossils come in all shapes and sizes. Find out how scientists are trying to investigate what colours dinosaurs might have been.