Membership: Terms and conditions

If you are buying Membership of Western Australian Museum (WA Museum) for your own use, or if you are making use of Western Australian Museum Membership after it was bought for you by someone else, then by your action you agree and accept that these Membership terms and conditions apply. If you don't agree and accept these terms and conditions you must not buy, or make use of, a Western Australian Museum Membership.


Membership program

Membership pricing is correct as of 5 October 2022. WA Museum reserves the right to amend the price of Membership products. Members will be informed of any change to pricing at the time of renewal. 

The purchaser of Membership products will become the primary account holder of all Memberships purchased. Any changes of details, cancellations or account queries can only be handled by the primary account holder. 

Changing your WA Museum Membership level within a twelve month period, will adjust the Membership expiry date to the most recent date of purchase.

A junior Membership is classed as any minor under the age of 15 at time of Membership purchase or renewal. Membership pricing will revert to the full Standard rate upon renewal. 

WA Museum Membership is valid from the date of purchase until the expiry date expressed via All Memberships will expire a year from the date of your payment, except Free Memberships, which have no expressed expiry date. 

Membership benefits and discounts are only valid upon the presentation of a valid physical or digital Membership card or another form of official identification (passport, driver’s license or birth certificate). 

Membership cards, benefits and offers are non-transferrable. Only the named account holder is entitled to Membership benefits. 

The Membership account holder is responsible for ensuring the details of their Membership (not limited to email address, contact number and postal address) is up to date. 

Members are required to maintain an active email address in order to access benefits of Membership. Members can opt out of receiving WA Museum correspondence, though WA Museum holds no responsibility for missed Membership benefits and correspondence. 

WA Museum Membership will be considered ‘lapsed’ if not renewed by the expressed expiry date. 

Discounted tickets and complimentary admission to exhibitions, programs and tours are only available for specific timed sessions and have limited allocations. Members are encouraged to pre-purchase their tickets prior to the event to avoid disappointment. 

Primary account holders can purchase exhibition, program and tour tickets for the amount of registered Members on their Membership at the advertised discount price, for any timed session where discounts are permitted. 

All ticket purchases are subject to WA Museum’s Ticketing terms and conditions.

A valid Membership card and/or ID must be presented at the entry to exhibition, programs and tours with purchased tickets. Any ticket purchased without validation will be required to pay full admission price. 


Refund and cancellation policy

WA Museum reserves the right to terminate an active Membership if the Member fails to comply with these terms and conditions, abuse any privileges afforded under the WA Museum Membership program or breach any conditions of entry of any WA Museum venue. 

WA Museum Membership is non-refundable. WA Museum is under no obligation to refund payments relating to a Membership, either in full or in part, unless required by law. This refund policy is not intended to limit the responsibilities of WA Museum with respect to any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law. Please visit the ACCC website for further information. 

The cancellation of an active Membership must be expressed in writing via email to No Membership fees will be refunded, unless in accordance with the refund policy. 


Privacy policy

WA Museum collects and manages personal information in a professional and responsible manner, in accordance with the principles of Australian privacy laws. The information provided will only be used for purposes such as the administration of Membership, the provision of WA Museum goods and services, planning research and marketing of the Membership program.  

WA Museum will not disclose, sell, distribute, share or otherwise pass on personal information to any third party. WA Museum will not be able to administer Membership or provide some or all Membership benefits without the collection of personal details. 



WA Museum reserves the right to amend, from time to time, the terms and conditions of the Membership program without prior notice. Members will have no claim against WA Museum by reason of any change made to the terms and conditions of the Membership program.