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Are you curious to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum? Our Members-only programs delve into the less visible part of the Museum’s work, as our scientists, historians and curators share their expertise and passion. Join our special Meet the Museum, In depth and The same only different talks to find out more about researching and collecting in WA.

Thursday 16 June | 5pm – 6pm

Hear how a chance public inquiry led to uncover the extraordinary story of survival of Henry Dyson Naylor in the infamous 1854 Charge of the Light Brigade.

Thursday 21 July | 5pm – 6pm

Did you know WA Museum has the most significant meteorite collection in the southern hemisphere?

Wednesday 17 August | 5pm - 6pm

Discover the wonders of one of Australia's very few fossil sites with a World Heritage listing.