Minecraft: Building Ancient Greece


One-day workshop | Ages 8+
Drop & leave holiday program 

Log in to the past, we are rebuilding Ancient Greece in a day!

From the exquisite architecture of the Parthenon to the massive monoliths and tiny temples that dot the island coast. In this workshop we will exploring this and more as we carve out our own adventure.

We will start this workshop by exploring the Museum's latest exhibition Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes. There we will be inspired by epic Ancient Greek tales of monsters, myths and magics. Then, back in the Woodside Learning Studios we will begin recreating a digital version of Ancient Greece.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the Museum's latest exhibition Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes.
  • Collaborate on a digital reconstruction of Ancient Greece.
  • Learn about the architectural styles and techniques that defined Ancient Greece.

After the workshop, you will leave with the skills and confidence to continue your project at home.

Participants will have their projects emailed out to them within a few days of completing the workshop.

Note: This is a drop-off holiday program. All participants should arrive with a drink bottle and packed lunch as they would when going to school.