School holidays

Join us at WA Museum Boola Bardip to take part in our school holiday activities! There’s always something new to learn. We have a heap of fun filled activities, where you can express your creativity, learn and explore. We've got something for everyone!

Available for hire | Daily until 2pm

Part scavenger hunt, part escape room — get ready for a self-guided family tour with a twist!

Every Saturday | 11am

Nyumbi means celebration dance in Nyoongar language. Experience a celebration of Nyoongar culture through song, dance and language, as local performers share their rich culture and history.

Sundays | 10am - 10.30am

Discover WA's reptiles and meet some of our resident reptiles in Wildlife

Fridays & Sundays | 10.30am – 11am

Join us for a half-hour of storytelling, the ideal opportunity to introduce your child to the wonder of the written and spoken word in our Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn exhibition.

Daily | Sunset till late
7pm – 10.30pm
Saturday 18 November – Thursday 4 January
Night projections at Boola Bardip

Delight in the spectacular Illuminate: Christmas in Wonderland night projection at WA Museum Boola Bardip, as part of the City of Perth Christmas Lights Trail.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays | 10.30am - 11am

Join us for 30 minutes of early-learning activity time in one of our galleries.

Daily | 10am - 3pm
Friday 5 January - Thursday 25 January | Excludes Sundays

Designed for curious minds of all ages to dive into the world of tinkering, experimenting, and inventing.

Tuesday 9 January | 10am - 4pm
Wednesday 24 January | 10am - 4pm 
Drop and Leave Program

Young gamers embark on a thrilling journey to the desert, navigating the vast and mysterious landscapes of the virtual world.

Wednesday 10 January | 10am - 4pm
Drop and leave program

Become a coding whiz using drag and drop coding blocks. Then dive into forever loops and sensor coding, before executing your commands and watching your creation come to life.

Friday 12 January | 10am- 1pm
Thursday 18 January | 10am - 1pm

Drop and leave program

Delve into the anatomy of squid, gaining a deeper understanding of their unique biology and evolutionary adaptations.

Tuesday 16 January | 10am - 4pm
Drop and leave program

Come and spend the day with deadly Nyoongar maaman local legend, Derek Nannup to explore Aboriginal knowledge systems in this full day program.

Friday 19 January | 10am - 4pm 
Drop and leave program

Delve into the fascinating world of claymation, honing your skills of crafting and manipulating characters, designing backdrops and settings before capturing frame-by-frame sequences to create your story.

Tuesday 23 January | 10am - 4pm
Drop and Leave program

Compete in high-speed Mario Kart races and face unique challenges navigating through bush, driving across creek beds while encountering amazing plants and animals on the way.