Aboriginal Bush Food and Medicine Garden

Discover the flora of the Goldfields region


From the Ruby Saltbush to the River Mint, the Museum of the Goldfield's Aboriginal Bush Food and Medicine Garden showcases plants from across the Goldfields region and beyond.

These plants have been of importance to Aboriginal people for many generations.

Discover them below.



Which plant is this?

Ngalia Name: Mintjintja
Botanical Name: Eremophila alternifolia
Common Name: Native Honeysuckle

Ngalia Name: Yuulpul
Noongar Name: Purngep or Binga
Wongutha Name: Puntaru
Botanical Name: Atriplex nummularia
Common Name: Old Man Saltbush

Wongutha Name: Kampul-Kampulpa
Ngalia Name: Yuulpul
Botanical NameEnchylaena tomentosa
Common NameRuby Saltbush

Ngalia Name: Walku
Botanical NameSantalum acuminatum
Common NameNative Peach or Quandong

Karlkurla Name: Wangkathaa
Botanical NameMarsdenia australis
Common NameSilky Pear, Bush Banana

Noongar Name: Murin Murin
Wongutha Name: Munyun
Ngalia Name: Mulkakutjal
Botanical NameCaprobrotum modestus
Common NameInland Pigface

Noongar Name: Murin Murin
Wongutha Name: Munyun
Ngalia Name: Mulkakutjal
Botanical Name: Scaevola spinescens
Common Name:
Maroon Bush or Currant Bush

Wongutha and Koori Name: Poang-gurk
Botanical Name: Mentha acquatica
Common Name:
River Mint

Noongar Name: Mangar
Wongutha Name: Wartapirti
Ngalia Name: Warrkiri
Other Aboriginal Names: Gumbi Gumbi
Botanical Name: Pittosporum angustifolium
Common Name:
Native apricot

Noongar Name: Mangar
Botanical Name: Dianella revoluta R.Br.
Common Name: Blueberry Lily, Blueberry Flax Lily, Spreading Flax-lily, Black-anther Flax-lily

Noongar Name: Youlk, Yug, Youcka (Hassel, 1975)
Botanical Name: Platysace deflexa (Turcz.) C. Norman
Common Name: Ravensthorpe Radish 

Special thanks to the Mindaroo Foundation and the Foundation for the WA Museum for funding the project and to Mr Kado Muir, the Brownley family, Mrs Dorothy Dimer, the Cooper Family the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group and Central Regional TAFE for helping us realise this Garden.