Everyone was a kid, once: Sabrina Hahn

Everyone was a kid, once. It's time to explore the lessons from our childhood.

Who were you as a kid? What was your life like? What did you dream and hope for? What came true and what did not? And what did you learn along the way?  

A three-part public conversation hosted by Geoff Hutchison that explores who our young selves were and what became of them.

The final conversation is with Sabrina Hahn.

Meet Sabrina Hahn

Sabrina Hahn is an award-winning horticulturalist, garden journalist and designer with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that bring nature back into people’s lives. Her mantra is to encourage others to take on a caretaker role within their backyards so that future generations develop a love of the natural world.

An obsessive gardener, she started landscaping at the age of four: stripping flowers and foliage from her grandmother’s yard, creating magical miniature gardens all in her Nan’s baking trays.

But Sabrina’s childhood was a difficult one – it’s a story she tells with incredible humour and of course, that famous laugh.

Meet your host

Geoff Hutchison has been a familiar voice on Perth radio for many years as the host of the ABC Morning Programme and then Drive Show.  Before that, he was the ABC’s Europe correspondent and a reporter on the 7.30 Report.

Over that time, he interviewed the good and the great; the famous and the infamous – but his real love was always the curious conversation that explored what lay behind the public face. What inspired a person and what underpinned who they are today?

Since his retirement from the national broadcaster Geoff has been keen to take more intimate conversations into the public space.  His upcoming three-part series “Everyone was a kid, once.”  at WA Museum Boola Bardip promises to be a memorable event.

You are going to be fascinated by his guests.  

black and white photo of Sabrina Hahn as a child, Sabrina is around 6 years old and sitting in a posed photograph with her older siblings on either side












Image: Sabrina sits between her older brother and sister.

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Thursday 7 March 2024

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