Conversations at the WA Museum Boola Bardip

A series of thought-provoking conversations tackling big issues, questions and ideas.

Exhibition Talks

27 November 2022
On 12 October 2002, the island paradise of Bali was shattered by a terrorist attack on two of Kuta Beach’s busiest nightclubs. Listen to this special exhibition talk to learn more.

Human Rights

8 December 2022
Human trafficking is one of the most challenging and relevant problems in modern times. People are trafficked worldwide regardless of race, gender or age.
10 November 2022
Racism is an ongoing problem in Australia that directly affects a significant number of Australians.
9 June 2022
How far have we come since The Declarations of Human Rights was sanctioned by the United Nations?
14 April 2022
It is often assumed that a country with strong human rights standards will also offer a higher quality of asylum.

Tipping Point

9 September 2021
A homegrown superstar in the climate science arena recounts his story and shares his expert opinions on the urgent action necessary for our survival.
18 August 2021
How does global warming impact the way that we source, produce, create, share and consume food?
10 June 2021
What is activism anyway? And how has it measurably affected climate action?