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Lunar Lounge

7 June 2024
Join Professor Eric Howell in this talk that delves into the heart of multi-messenger astronomy, highlighting its potential to decipher the intricate mechanisms driving these cosmic phenomena.
31 May 2024
Join Dr Robin Cook on a celestial journey exploring the mesmerising interplay of the Sun, Moon, and Earth
24 May 2024
In this talk Professor Bland outlines the mission that Curtin is developing to find ice on the Moon in accessible locations.
17 May 2024
Join Xavier de Kestelier, Principal and Head of Design at Hassell, to hear about Hassell’s design journey and collaboration with the European Space Agency to develop a innovative concept for a thriving settlement on the lunar surface.
26 April 2024
Join Dr Benjamin Kaebe, an engineer, researcher and teacher, as he discusses the opportunities of a Western Australian space economy.
5 April 2024
Professor Phil Bland provided an overview of Artemis, and what the next decade of space exploration might look like.
26 March 2024
In this lecture, Professor Katarina Miljkovic explores the impact origin of the Moon.

James Cameron: In Conversation

24 March 2024
Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from James Cameron in person, legendary deep-sea explorer and filmmaker.

2024 Talks Archive

18 July 2024
Curious about the creators behind our Megalodon head in the Wild Life gallery? Join the makers from CDM: Studio and peek behind the scenes as they share their process of designing, building and delivering museum exhibits.
20 June 2024
Discover what we can observe about the Moon, learn about our current knowledge, and understand the importance of returning to its surface!
16 May 2024
Discover the elusive Night Parrot at WA Museum Boola Bardip! Join us for an exclusive panel discussion with experts Penny Olsen, Allan Burbidge and Rob Davis.
3 May 2024
Dr Parwinder Kaur, Director, DNA Zoo, shared her career journey as the featured guest in the fourth instalment of the My Australia Story conversation series. 
18 April 2024
Join Museum experts Jake Newman-Martin and Linette Umbrello as they take us on a mammalian adventure of the minute kind, from tiny marsupials to giant megafauna.
11 April 2024
Discover the remarkable story of Wayne Bergmann, a Nyikina man and Kimberley leader who has dedicated his life to his community, in this moving memoir of living between two cultures.
15 March 2024
Celebrate Perth Design Week with a robust panel discussion focusing on design and business.
7 March 2024
Talk series hosted by Geoff Hutchison that explores who our young selves were and what became of them. This week hear from Sabrina Hahn.
23 February 2024
Career Journeys of First Generation Australians - Meet James Jegasothy, Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Interests
15 February 2024
How much will we look to the language of activism in finding the way towards reconciliation in Australia?
15 February 2024
Navigating the delicate balance between the preservation of the Conservation Estate and our cherished and loyal feline companions is both a challenge and a responsibility.

2023 Talks Archive

2 December 2023
A compelling discussion shedding light on the distinctive narratives of those openly embracing their HIV-positive status and what this has meant historically and in today's world.
16 November 2023
Meet Professor Kliti Grice, the West Australian Scientist of the Year 2022, as she embarks on a quest to decipher the Earth's past mysteries.
9 November 2023
Join a panel of featured young LGBTQIA+ writers and storytellers as they delve into the fantastical realms and real-world struggles of the exciting new anthology, An Unexpected Party.
20 October 2023
Dr Pilar Kasat, CEO of Regional Arts WA, will share her career journey as the featured guest in the second instalment of My Australia Story conversation series. 
19 October 2023
Explore Australia's dinosaur legacy with Dr Stephen Poropat as we better understand the science behind the scenes of Australian palaeontology!
12 October 2023
As we inevitably move towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy, how will a shift away from traditional mining practices transform this economy? A panel of experts explore the implications of this shift with a specific focus on how we see ourselves in a world that increasingly demands environmental responsibility.
5 October 2023
Join Megan Krakouer, a prominent Aboriginal leader, as she discusses the nuances of her surprising change of heart on the Voice to Parliament — just a week before the referendum.
18 August 2023
Join host Michael Mills in a captivating live recording of the Palaeo Jam podcast during National Science Week!
10 August 2023
As AI rapidly evolves, join our panel of experts in an exploration of these complex issues, including how we can harness its power while ensuring responsible and ethical use before we're outrun by its speed.
14 July 2023
Do you know how and why your teeth do what they do? Find out all there is to know about teeth sharpening.
13 July 2023
Decoding the language of our written and oral histories in Australia.
22 June 2023
Join us for an insightful talk with the esteemed Professor Henry Skerritt, as he takes us on a journey exploring the captivating art of Jdewat/Ballandong artist Meeyakba Shane Pickett.
15 June 2023
No, it’s not a card game but a community initiative helping us further our knowledge of a group of endemic land snails Bothriembryon affectionately called ‘Boths’.
8 June 2023
Delve into the way Aboriginal industry professionals are shifting representations, decolonising the media space and creating visibility for Aboriginal people in the industry.
26 May 2023
Exploring the debate surrounding the establishment of an independent, representative advisory body for First Nations people.
19 May 2023
The first in a series of My Australia Story conversations, meet Dr. Sandy Chong (BCom Management and Marketing, 1996, PhD Information Systems, 2003).
26 April 2023
Aristeidis Voulgaris sharesstories from his eclipse chasing travels and discover the complex instruments and tools used in solar astronomy.
20 April 2023
Join a panel of experts and community as they investigate the nature of queer bodies, and queer sexuality, in public space.
12 April 2023
Join historian Toner Stevenson and astronomer Melissa Hulbert, as they share their tips on how to salute the sun during this eclipse!
2 April 2023
Simon Miraudo and Tristan Fidler from RTRFM’s ‘Movie Squad’ are joined by Chelsey O'Brien, Curator at ACMI, as they review and discuss Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a foundation for contemporary storytelling in film.
23 March 2023
In this one-off Perth Design Week talk, the Museum celebrates the remarkable women in architecture and film in a panel discussion, recorded as a part of its recent award-winning film screening.
25 February 2023
Join world expert Dr Chris Mah from the Smithsonian Institution as he recounts his encounters with some of the most unusual creatures on the planet.

2023 Discovering Ancient Egypt Talks Archive

6 October 2023
John Mirosevich explores the varied history of Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt’s greatest Mediterranean port for 400 years.
29 September 2023
Listen to Hon Dr Anne Aly MP who joined us at Afterlife Bar for a presentation on the Discoveries of Ancient Egypt exhibition.
22 September 2023
Join committee members of The Ancient Egypt Society of WA Inc for a unique opportunity to dig deeper into Egyptology.
8 September 2023
Dean Kubank revisits the Temples of Nubia and the enchanting Temple of Isis at Philae.
1 September 2023
Celestial Timekeeping in Ancient Egypt - Discover how Ancient Egyptians used the heliacal rising and setting of stars to construct their star clocks and civil calendar.
17 August 2023
Do you know a sycamore box, an alabaster ointment jar and mummified objects were part of the first ancient Egyptian objects that came into the Museum back in 1897?
11 August 2023
The life of the average Egyptian could sometimes be precarious and short. Broken bones, infections, and arthritis were all common among the general population.
8 August 2023
Discover the story of the pharaoh Djedkare, his family and courtiers, and take advantage of the rare opportunity to hear from visiting international Egyptologist Dr. Hana Vymazalová of Charles University, Prague.
8 August 2023
Discover the story of the pharaoh Djedkare, his family and courtiers, and take advantage of the rare opportunity to hear from visiting international Egyptologist Dr. Mohamed Megahed of Charles University, Prague.
28 July 2023
Discover Egypt’s ancient legends of creation, death and resurrection. Tales of Ra, Osiris, Isis and Horus will unlock the meanings of the art, religion and funerary practices of ancient Egypt.
21 July 2023
The Dynasty 6 Vizier named Weni the Elder, who lived about four and a half thousand years ago, had a detailed biography written on the outside of his tomb.
14 July 2023
How, when and why was mummification invented? The answers may surprise you.
7 July 2023
Ancient Egyptian Astronomy Unraveled - Discover how the Ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of the sky to design and position their temples, statues, and roads.
23 June 2023
As part of our evening Afterlife Bar series at WA Museum Boola Bardip, we welcome a series of speakers to dive deeper into Egypt. Join us this week as we hear from Dean Kubank on Temples and Tombs.
10 June 2023
Renowned expert in ancient Egyptian history Daniel Soliman delivered a fascinating talk, as we celebrated the launch of the WA Museum Boola Bardip's Discovering Ancient Egypt exhibition.

2022 Talks Archive

8 December 2022
Human trafficking is one of the most challenging and relevant problems in modern times. People are trafficked worldwide regardless of race, gender or age.
27 November 2022
On 12 October 2002, the island paradise of Bali was shattered by a terrorist attack on two of Kuta Beach’s busiest nightclubs. Listen to this special exhibition talk to learn more.
10 November 2022
Racism is an ongoing problem in Australia that directly affects a significant number of Australians.
9 June 2022
How far have we come since The Declarations of Human Rights was sanctioned by the United Nations?
14 April 2022
It is often assumed that a country with strong human rights standards will also offer a higher quality of asylum.

Archival Talks

29 October 2011
Steve Gordon talks to Dr Moya Smith.
1 August 2011
Gillian O’Shaughnessy talks to Dr Ian McLeod about shipwreck conservation.
22 October 2010
Join Michael Sargeant as he traces the course of these European wars to 1815 with particular reference to the three central characters who dominated the naval and military arenas at the time.
17 February 2010
Eoin Cameron talks to Ross Anderson.
10 February 2010
Michael 'Mack' McCarthy explains how the discovery of a wreck like the SS Xantho began the process of discovering the remarkable story of the Broadhurst family.
3 February 2010
Myra Standbury talks to Eoin Cameron about HMS Sirius.

2021 Talks Archive

9 September 2021
A homegrown superstar in the climate science arena recounts his story and shares his expert opinions on the urgent action necessary for our survival.
18 August 2021
How does global warming impact the way that we source, produce, create, share and consume food?
10 June 2021
What is activism anyway? And how has it measurably affected climate action?