In Conversation: New climate, new identity

How deeply entrenched is WA in its 'mining town' identity? 

Western Australia has for a long time been intertwined with its mining industry, forming a symbiotic relationship that has shaped the economy and sociopolitical landscape. 

As we inevitably move towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy, how will a shift away from traditional mining practices transform this economy? Will we have to re-evaluate our collective attitudes, societal priorities and aspirations? 

A panel of experts explore the implications of this shift with a specific focus on how we see ourselves in a world that increasingly demands environmental responsibility.


Meri Fatin BW

Meri Fatin is a highly regarded interviewer, facilitator and podcaster specialising in finding the deeper story. Meri has been a guest curator of TEDxPerth COUNTDOWN: WA Climate Leadership Summit, is the founder of WA Climate Leaders, and was the curator of the 2021 In Conversation Series Tipping Point which featured a range of high profile speakers in discourse around various climate change issues.





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Since arriving in Australia Toby Price has held several leadership roles in emerging technology fields, developing a range of renewable energy projects across Australia and internationally. Toby has led the development of high renewables micro-grids for utility and private customers in both on-grid and off-grid applications. Since joining Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Toby has supported regulatory projects in WEM Reform and NEM 2025 before refocusing to WA Future System Design, seeking to map AEMO’s role in the energy transition and ensuring we have the tools and capability to manage 100% instantaneous renewables. Price has a background in academia where he developed novel solid state hydrogen storage materials at the University of Nottingham UK. 




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Adam Carrel is a Partner in Ernst & Young’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team. Adam’s role is primarily related to addressing the challenges of sustainable development – how can the world sustain a decent standard of living for all current and future human beings in a way that doesn’t undermine the integrity and longevity of the biosphere. Adam frequently works on-site in remote locations and also provides advisory services to some of the world’s largest corporations. It also includes M&A advice and civil society engagement. He is a frequent TV and radio commentator on the subject and publishes opinions in this area as a part of the Antithesis Project team.



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Heidi Mippy has worked in community development for over 22 years. She has extensive experience with Indigenous communities. Heidi is a small business owner and volunteers her time to several Boards and Advisory Groups in the community and was recognised as the 2020 Citizen of the Year for the City of Fremantle. Heidi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Community Management and Adult Education, a Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership, Strategy & Innovation) and an Executive Masters, Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation. Heidi currently works with Noongar Land Enterprise Group, supporting Noongar landowners with land management and enterprise development. Heidi is Lead of Cultural Capability and Capacity Building within our Centre Executive, and co-leads the Socioeconomics Research Theme of the ARC Training Centre for Healing Country with Professor Fiona Halsam McKenzie.



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Fabiana Tessele is one of the Steering Committee Members for Circular Economy WA (CEWA), a not-for-profit association built to catalyse the transition to a more Circular Economy in Western Australia. CEWA has been formed by an experienced steering committee made up of representatives from government, industry and others who are passionate and committed to progressing Circularity.



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