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Year 4 - 6 | Living things are remarkable in their ability to adapt to changing environments. Come and explore some adaptations of our avian friends, or perhaps marine life is more your focus. The choice is yours.

Year 4 - 6 | Learn about the early encounters and collisions of culture between the Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia and a variety of newcomers.

Year 10 - 12 | Torn away from family, culture and Country, Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia not only survived but fought for their right to regain control.

Year 7 - 9 | Find out how Aboriginal peoples have intentionally managed Country to create regrowth and replenishment.

Year PP - 12 | April-September 2024 | Join us to explore our historical fascination with the moon, showcasing the Museum of the Moon installation created by artist Luke Jerram.

Year PP - 12 | Self-guided exploration of the permanent exhibitions at Boola Bardip allows you and your students to explore at your own pace.

Year PP – 3 | Take a step back to the ‘cold time’, the Nyitting (Dreaming), and explore the creation of everything.

Year PP - 3 | This brand new program for 2024 will explore change through a social and geological lens, as we use Boola Bardip as a case study to explore the concepts of "then and now". 

Join Dr Mark to learn what weird and wonderful things we store in glass vials and jars, from scorpions and trapdoor spiders to millipedes and pseudoscorpions.

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Luke Riley

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We are delighted to share the education programs on offer at Boola Bardip during the 2024 school year.

In 2024, we are expanding our already comprehensive facilitated suite of programs to
include ‘Then and Now’ to look at how and why things change over time. We are also expanding the ‘First Contacts’ virtual offering, with pre-and-post activities available for teachers to download and use in class, plus a new professional learning program focused on Exploring Two-way Science.

Bookings are now open for all 2024 dates.

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